Sunday, April 6, 2008

Victorian Accessories

While browsing on, I noticed a great deal of Victorian-inspired household accessories available for purchase. What was most interesting about this discovery was the way these Victorian-esque pieces were remade in a way that was both modern and unique, while still being of obvious Victorian influence. The most intriguing modern aspects of these accessories were their materials and colours used.
The creativity that went into using unlikely materials for these products is astounding and breathes new life into these otherwise fairly traditional pieces. The bright white "snowflake" jewelry pedestal is made out of sheet metal and cast iron, with the pink stacked food or jewelry holder being made out of delicate hand-crafted glass and the teal picture frame made out of glass and resin. These modern materials applied to traditional Victorian forms create an interesting and creative piece that mixes the old with the new.
Another interesting aspect of these pieces is their use of colour. Traditionally, these colours would have certainly not have been used, with the exception of maybe the white. Even so, the white is such a high gloss surface that it would be hard to picture it in a Victorian dressing room. The vibrant pink, deep teal, and bright white all work in infusing a sense of modernity and style into these pieces. Infusing these bright hues into these period objects makes for a modern and inspiring work. Once again, these examples of traditional Victorian accessories recreated in modern colours and materials further stresses the idea that Victorian is alive everywhere we look in new and exciting ways.
Further examples of "Victorian Cool" accessories can be found at

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