Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The New Man is Victorian

While high fashion has always had a flirtation with Victorian forms and silhouettes, this has mainly been confined to ladieswear (think: comeback of the corset). The Fall/Winter 2008 collection at Attachment is about a Victorian look for men, complete with neckties, waistcoats, and newsboy caps. What is interesting here is the mixing of class sensibilities: we have caps like those of street urchins, and silks, brocades and pocketwatches befitting a middle or upper class gentleman. Some of the cuts on the longer jackets are reminiscent of coattails and cutaways, and even the runway location puts one in a Dickensian mood. Here is the modern-day Dorian Gray.

Eternal Sonata

A follow-up to January 24th's post about Chopin: to again relate this to contemporary culture, I'd like to note the release of an RPG entitled "Eternal Sonata", based on a dream recorded by Chopin. Though this game is set in Paris, it is an example of modern-day interest in and adaptation of this time period.