Sunday, April 6, 2008

Presenting: "The Soundelier"

Now, you may be wondering what on earth is that thing hanging from the ceiling? Well, it happens to be an ornate Victorian chandelier repurposed as a 21st century speaker holder, known as "The Soundelier." After careful inspection and once one is able to get past the sheer ridiculousness of this object, it becomes apparent how creative this piece actually is.
What was once a heavily detailed, crystal encrusted chandelier has been transformed into a shining example of what "Victorian Cool" is all about.  To me, "Victorian Cool" is about breathing new life into existing Victorian creations, infusing creativity and modernity into something that could otherwise appear dated or irrelevant.

"The Soundelier" does exactly this and becomes a shining example of "Victorian Cool."

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Viola said...

Perhaps the 'Soundelier' is a 'shining example of Victorian Cool' but I don't like it! I prefer the beautiful Victorian chandelier and I think that they are in fashion now and just as cool. I am enjoying your interesting posts.